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Progel Encapsulation offers ‘Ingredients’:
bullet Protection from oxidation and low pH

  – Probiotics protected from low pH

  – Omega 3 oxidation inhibited

bullet Stability in wet and dry foods and supplements

bullet Slow and targeted release

bullet Taste masking

bullet A robust delivery vehicle humans can’t detect

bullet Microgels stable following homogenisation & pasteurisation


Progel Encapsulation Offers Food Manufacturers:

bullet Probiotic foods and supplements with more viable
   cultures at end of shelf life

bullet Probiotic foods with potentially greater health benefits

bullet Improved Omega-3 foods and supplements

bullet New Functional foods and supplements with Probiotics
   and Omega-3′s

bullet Innovative branded foods and supplements with margin and USP’s

Progel microgels are the perfect delivery vehicle for functional food and supplements actives and oral therapeutics as they are small enough not to be detected in foods, beverages or oral suspensions. In addition, microgels remain intact at low pH and release their payload above pH 7. Therefore encapsulated actives are protected in foods, supplements and through the acidic stomach with release occurring gradually over 2-10 hours following consumption. This may result in enhanced health benefits with actives released where absorption is greatest.


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